Peter and the Spoon

Two for Friday from my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. Which means they have sadly passed, but I am here to keep their memories and music alive.

First is keyboardist and songwriter, Peter Wood...


4/9/50 - 9/18/94


Scarce footage on Peter Wood. Here again playing keyboards with Lou Reed - appearing on camera around the 4:42 mark...


Secondly, is Jimmy Witherspoon. Hopefully, no introduction is needed...


8/8/20 - 9/18/97

Cool video...


If you don't own my book, you should.
Both of these fine musicians grace the pages, along with many more.

Spoon's Birthday

I'm getting an early start on celebrating Jimmy Witherspoon's birthday. He was one of the blues greats and I was fortunate to take photos of him when he was part of the Blues Jam in Vancouver. The guitarist behind him in this photo is Hollywood Fats, who is also in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead.


8/8/20 - 9/18/97

I chose this video because it's Spoon at his best and you get to see a very young Robben Ford, who I shot when he was playing with George Harrison, killing it on guitar.


Read more about Jimmy Witherspoon and the other amazing musicians in Everybody I Shot Is Dead.