How I Feel

After 8pm today, I had to deal with a situation where I might as well have been hitting my head against a brick wall. Not fun.

To put it into a visual this is how I feel now:


I'm hoping I can fix this situation with some people of reason tomorrow (aka wasting several hours of my day).

If I can't, I will be feeling like this:


It will also confirm the adage, 'No good deed goes unpunished'.

More Joshua Tree

In the twelve hours I spent shooting the high desert and lower desert I shot a total of 292 frames. That would have been about 8 rolls of film. Shooting concerts I'd shoot two rolls in a couple of hours. Most photographers shooting digital will take hundreds to a thousand photographs at a concert. I don't get that. Firing away. I've always liked to wait for the shot. Anticipate when to click the shutter. Anyway, that's a conversation for another time as it has nothing to with the photographs I'm posting today.

I'm actually writing these words to fill up the space that Facebook excerpts from the writing when I link this post because I want you to look at the first photograph and see if you notice anything unusual.

And I will have another photograph below this one with what you might not have seen in your first look.


Did you catch it on first glance? I didn't see it when I was editing the photos, even though I shot this to specifically catch that. 

So here is a blowup so you can see what didn't belong in this environment...


...showing her beautiful heart, enjoying freedom in the wild, and enjoying the view. 

A few minutes later we drove higher up this dirt road that was off the beaten trail and found that it ended here...


Miss Pumpkin chose to ignore the sign. Truth be told, the chain lock was hanging from the gate. It was just a gate and posts, with no fence. Maybe it was there so people wouldn't drive of the edge of the cliff as it was definitely the end of the road.


Wild Horses

Until last week I hadn't been to Joshua Tree in many years.

Part of my inspiration for wanting to shoot there this time was Gram Parsons, and seeing if I could find his spirit through my lens.

It began here - the motel room where Gram Parsons stayed.


 Later in the day, I stumbled upon this yard art of horses.


Of course, Gram Parsons is well known for his version of Wild Horses with his band, The Flying Burrito Bros. It was released a year prior to The Rolling Stones version.


Happy New Year

I made my goal of posting every day of 2015 - actually surpassed it with two per day on a couple or three days. I started this challenge as a way to slow time down, by being aware of every single day. Unfortunately, the year sped by as fast as every other year has since I was a kid. Fortunately, I did get a lot out of it and I intend to continue posting every day of 2016. 

I spent the last week of the year in Palm Desert, with an adventure day shooting in Joshua Tree which is nothing short of good for the soul. Last night (NYE) I thought about what I want for 2016, in addition to flying by too fast. So far, I have these three things:

Listen before I speak.
Be positive.
Get shit done.

I shot this self portrait in Joshua Tree on December 28. It symbolizes and reflects who I am moving forward. Yes, I now have wings and am a superhero.