So Long, Keith Emerson

This year is going to be the death of rock 'n' roll. Keith Emerson passed away today in Santa Monica. I had the privilege to shoot ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) at the Vancouver Coliseum and to this day Brain Salad Surgery is one of my favorite albums.


11/2/44 - 3/11/16

I had an interesting meeting with Keith Emerson a while back and have a story about this photograph but I'll save that for another occasion.

Instead I will tell you he was one helluva performer particularly when he soloed with his Hammond B3. One word...acrobatic. Looking for a video of it now. An hour later and I couldn't find it. Good thing I have a bunch of stills of Keith wrestling with his equipment (I was going to say organ but that sounded even worse).

So, I did find this very cool video of ELP creating Karn Evil 9 which leans heavily on Keith's contributions to the music. Well worth  minutes of your time.


While Keith isn't in this version of my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, you should grab a copy of it for the 48 other musicians and the 5 people I dedicated it to, before it becomes a collector's item.

If you want Keith you can order a print of his photograph HERE.