HB John Bonham

Celebrating John Bonham's birthday. Rock on!!

5/31/48 - 9/25/80

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I am so grateful I got to see John Bonham play his Moby Dick solo in person. Some day I'll break out my 8mm footage of it. But until then, here it is live at the Royal Albert Hall... 

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HB, Jimmy Page!

Celebrating Jimmy Page's birthday today. 


I chose this photograph of him with Robert Plant because it is one of my favorites out of all my shots. You don't always need to see the subjects eyes to capture feeling.

Lots of Jimmy on Over the Hills and Far Away...


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Led Zeppelin

On this day in 1968, Led Zeppelin played their first show at the Manchester College of Science & Technology. They were paid a whopping 225 Pounds...which would have been $540 at that time.

I'm pretty sure they weren't looking like this at that gig...


Here's what they looked like performing in 1968. I can't believe this has been on YouTube for over two years and only has 2075 plays. The audience is completely nonplussed and at the end...well, you can check that out.


And here's one more from back then...with only 1404 views. How great would it have been in this tiny audience?


There are more photographs and my great personal story about my experience with Led Zeppelin.
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This Is The Day...

...we lost John Bonham, possibly the best drummer ever. Definitely my favorite. Led Zeppelin died with him. Never the same again. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot LZ. 


5/31/48 - 9/25/80

I shot this photograph during his Moby Dick drum solo. And here is a version of his solo filmed at Earl's Court.


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Bonzo's Birthday!

These drums are beating in rock'n'roll heaven today for John Bonham's 67th birthday. This is one of my favorite photographs in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. No sticks required.


5/31/48 - 9/25/80

The Moby Dick drum solo (in three parts here) is crazy. I don't know how he could pull this off night after night. John Henry Bonham was an anomaly. I wish he was here.