Body Language

Remember the photograph of the girl standing in the sand at the beach? It was actually one of four photographs focused on her and her boyfriend (not the guy in the first photograph). When I first saw them I felt there was a story I could tell. 

Now I'm going to the last photograph in the set of four because it really fits as a bookend to the first one. This time it's her boyfriend without her in the shot. And maybe my favorite.

Body Language #4 - 12/8/15 3:28pm

Body Language #4 - 12/8/15 3:28pm

Two minutes earlier, there was this photograph with the girlfriend in it.

Body Language #3 - 12/8/15 3:26pm

Body Language #3 - 12/8/15 3:26pm

Proof of who the couple is...

Body Language #2 - 12/8/15 2:58pm

Body Language #2 - 12/8/15 2:58pm

The first photograph of the series. The girlfriend in front of another man.

Body Language #1 - 12/8/15 2:57pm

Body Language #1 - 12/8/15 2:57pm

Did you also notice the changes of the dogs? For me, they are the spine of the story.

Sand Flowers

I always love it when I see a photograph I shot that has extra details I don't remember seeing. This is an example of that - I knew I was shooting nature-made flower images I found in the sand as well as the shell under the left flower and the grittier sand at the bottom. I'm not sure I noticed the intricacy of the two darker feathers. I'm not sure you can see the detail in them on this lo res file but they are pretty striking when on the hi res file.

My point (or tip) is that you should look for surprises while you shoot and be thankful when they show up courtesy of the photography gods.

A Place In The Sand

Another photo I initially passed over, even though I looked at it carefully (unlike the one I posted yesterday) when I was editing that day's photographs.

This is why I don't delete. I believe that whenever we view photographs, or any type of art or people or whatever, our state of mind or state of heart has a lot to do with how we perceive what we're looking at. I clearing remember taking this photograph - I liked the story I saw at the time but for some reason I didn't really care for it when I saw it on my screen. I saw it again today and I love it...the story is even better for me now.

Long Beach, December 8, 2015

Long Beach, December 8, 2015


Sometimes it works the other way around...I love a shot and then a couple of months later I look at it and wonder what I was thinking. Again, I rack it up to mood, so I don't delete those ones either.

Remembering Warmth

Still in Palm Springs. The average temperature for this day is 69°. The record high is 84°. The high today was 59°. I didn’t come here for 59°.

Wishing I was back on this beach on December 8th when it was 80°+.


Wishing you warmth wherever you are, just don't tell me you're in Hawaii.

OK, this is weird. My sidebar when I am posting shows thumbnails of the first photo of each post in a column. That's how I realized that the photo I chose for today is eerily similar to the one I posted yesterday. Similar composition and color, yet one is of a beach and the other is of a desert. This is how I see them.


Two Birds and a Dog

First time I've seen and shot baby sandpipers (corrected from seagulls thanks to Steve). There were a bunch running in the shallow water. I like the trail of rings behind their little feet, their synchronization of movement and the trickles of water hanging from their ascending legs.


Then there is this dog. His face of determination kills me. Love, love, love...


...animals are rock stars! Each and every one of them. This is life.