Missing Ronnie Barron

Ah, Ronnie Barron, what a great musician he was, and a great guy. This photograph would have been in Everybody I Shot Is Dead, if it wasn't a single frame in a Chuck E. Weiss (still alive and playing amazing) roll of film. This photo was taken at the Troubadour a year or two after I shot Ronnie in Vancouver when he was playing with Paul Butterfield Better Days. And then I ran into him again when he was playing with John Mayall and I was working on Starart.


10/9/43 - 3/20/97

Not a lot to grab from YouTube. This video looks like crap but Ronnie's talent breaks through just fine...


Ronnie Barron is one of 48 musicians I honor in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead.  

My Day

I was unprepared (as usual) for posting today. No thought what so ever. So I delved into the archives to see if I had taken any photographs on my birthday. I thought not. But then there were two times. 2014 and 2013. 

I looked at the 2013 hoping for a frame to jump out at me. The only one was a photograph I took of an artist that was living on the streets of New York. I remember him being talented and interesting. He gave me permission to take a photo of him. I've forgotten his name. 

Then I moved to 2014. I didn't forget the photographs in that folder but I did forget that I shot them on my birthday. Last birthday I was in Los Angeles. The photograph that jumped out was a a photograph of a photograph of an artist I actually shot a long time ago. I remember seeing this photograph and wanting to shoot it. This artist is obviously at the other end of the successful spectrum from the homeless artist.

2014 Artist Image

2014 Artist Image


Looking at the 2014 Artist Image got me reflecting on his and the 2013 Artist Image with regards to their perceived success or failure. And those thoughts led to me thinking about my own and when and how I take stock of my life accomplishments and disappointments. From there I thought about whether I (and then everyone else) reflect more on my birthday or more on New Years day. I'm not sure. And then I'm wondering if I should even be taking stock at all. I think it could be counter-productive for an artist.

2013 Artist Image

2013 Artist Image


That all led to me wondering which of these two artists is closer to who I am, and hoped that I could be a little of both.

Then I went back at 2013 and looked at more of those photographs and saw one that perfectly depicts how I felt looking at the above photographs and trying to figure myself out. 




My conclusion? Next year on my birthday I should go out and get drunk.

Maria and Marian

I just pulled a contact sheet and negatives from the archives. From that contact sheet I chose this photograph. Maria and Marian (I might have that backwards). 


Two British girls on vacation that I ran into somewhere in LA. I remember them and shooting a roll of film one afternoon. But the thing I remember most was the place they were staying. Not because it was a big beautiful house on the north side of Franklin Ave between Sierra Bonita Ave and Fuller Ave. Nope. That's not what made the impression I cannot erase. 

The guy who owned or more likely rented the place was publishing a rag magazine, consisting of mostly photos sent to the magazine by individuals. Individuals who were all addicted...to sadomasochism. I won't describe the one photograph that remains burned into my mind other than the person was born --- nevermind, I'm not going to say anything. It wouldn't be fair to put it in your head.

Let's get back to the purpose of this post. Anyone out there know Marian and Maria? I would love to find them. They never saw the photos we took. It would be great to track them down...I'm wondering if they're still friends.