Maria and Marian

I just pulled a contact sheet and negatives from the archives. From that contact sheet I chose this photograph. Maria and Marian (I might have that backwards). 


Two British girls on vacation that I ran into somewhere in LA. I remember them and shooting a roll of film one afternoon. But the thing I remember most was the place they were staying. Not because it was a big beautiful house on the north side of Franklin Ave between Sierra Bonita Ave and Fuller Ave. Nope. That's not what made the impression I cannot erase. 

The guy who owned or more likely rented the place was publishing a rag magazine, consisting of mostly photos sent to the magazine by individuals. Individuals who were all sadomasochism. I won't describe the one photograph that remains burned into my mind other than the person was born --- nevermind, I'm not going to say anything. It wouldn't be fair to put it in your head.

Let's get back to the purpose of this post. Anyone out there know Marian and Maria? I would love to find them. They never saw the photos we took. It would be great to track them down...I'm wondering if they're still friends.