Bee Gee Twins Birthdays!

Two of my favorite musicians from one of my favorite bands celebrate their birthday today! 

First I honor the eldest, Robin Gibb. This iconic photograph was requested by Robin, while he had his shirt off. It's a long story, and I'm just thankful to have been the only photographer backstage. I'll just say that if a different photographer had been back stage this photograph would not have been shot.  It is one of my all-time favorites. And as of the early hours of yesterday I am now able to identify the gentleman taking Robin from behind as Canadian promoter Donald K. Tarlton! (thanks to Martin Melhuish)


12/22/49 - 5/20/12

Now for Robin's little brother, Maurice, who arrived 35 minutes after Robin. The prankster of the trio and the subject of my must-read recent post, Package Wars, Maurice was the multi-instrumentalist in the Bee Gees playing bass, keyboard, guitar and percussion.


12/22/49 - 1/12/03

I spend a lot of time, as in whatever it takes to find a video that fits with my post. Today was at least a half hour and I'm so happy to have found this bared down version of I've Gotta Get A Message To You. The three brothers alone on the stage, sitting close together with just two guitars and their beautiful voices.

Happy Birthday, Robin and Maurice, wherever you are.

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Package Wars (R-rated?)

Disclaimer: This post contains adult themes. Do not look if you are under the age of 18.

It has come to my attention (from a person who has read and viewed all the photographs in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead) that there was a big kerfuffle on TMZ after they reposted a photograph of The Game (rapper/actor) from his Instagram page (losangelesconfidential) showing his package. According to TMZ, they received a letter from Instagram asking them to take it down and that they were going to be deleting his account.

The person that alerted me did so because when he saw the photograph he was reminded of one of the pictures in my book. I immediately guessed which pic he was referring to so of course I had to check out the photo that The Game had posted. When I saw the photo my thought was 'Really?' - Of course, my mind has to do a comparison between his and my guy's. And of course I want my guy's to win or should I say, my picture is better than his.

My second thought, and the reason I think my guy wins, is that The Game is shooting himself in the mirror by himself and it appears to me that The Game did a little manipulation before clicking his picture so it would fulfill the description and the string of hashtags he wrote. My guy was just standing with his brothers and a couple of record guys. I would like to think that his was because he was looking at me but I highly doubt that. Actually, he wasn't even looking at me. Although it looks like Barry is checking out my attributes.

Anyway, I will leave it up to you on who wins the Package War. Is it Bee Gee Maurice Gibb...

Photo Credit: Chesher Cat

Photo Credit: Chesher Cat


Or rapper/actor The Game aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor?

Photo Credit: The Game

Photo Credit: The Game