Merry Christmas

I am here...


Currently, I am sitting inside a car in the parking lot of a Starbucks because the place I am staying doesn't have internet (this should be interesting). This photograph may or may not have been taken this afternoon by my iPhone through a dirty window whilst I was driving 75mph. (If I actually did do that consider this a warning to not try this at home)

If I did actually take the picture as described I can tell you that I did not do anything to the original picture. No cropping, no color adjustments, no sharpening, no filters. Nada. Just a quick click. Sometimes I get lucky.

Anyway, I'm tired and would like to get out of this empty parking lot before I get mugged or picked up by the cops. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day and overate as much as I did. Six days (and blog posts) left in 2016. How did 2015 go by so fast?