Missing Mike Bloomfield

Losing Michael Bloomfield was/is a huge loss to music - he was a crazy great guitar player. He was also an amazing human being (albeit somewhat tortured) - interested in everything, completely engaging and shone the spotlight on everybody else and their talents, instead of his own. He just wanted to play the blues. He didn't give a shit about being famous.


6/28/43 - 2/15/81

Check out this compilation of MB clips and what everybody says about him... there is a box set of MB music (Michael Bloomfield: From His Head to His Heart to His Hands) and a one-hour documentary titled Sweet Blues: A Film About Mike Bloomfield included (apparently this is the trailer for it). The double titling is confusing but I believe the doc is included in the music box set. I have not seen the doc or heard the set but I'm sure it's worth checking out. 


The comprehensive Michael Bloomfield section in Everybody I Shot Is Dead includes photos I took of him, photographs he took with my camera, my stories about him and a ghost story that happened while I was working on the book. All true. If you don't have a copy of my book, grab it now from HERE. Photographic prints are also available HERE.