HB Tom Evans!

Celebrating Tommy Evans' birthday! Great musician in one of the greatest bands - Badfinger! 


6/5/47 - 11/19/83

How many bands have hit number one on the charts with the same song decades apart? I know this did...

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HB John Bonham

Celebrating John Bonham's birthday. Rock on!!

5/31/48 - 9/25/80

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I am so grateful I got to see John Bonham play his Moby Dick solo in person. Some day I'll break out my 8mm footage of it. But until then, here it is live at the Royal Albert Hall... 

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HB Tammy Wynette

Please join me in celebrating Tammy Wynette's birthday and her incredible voice.


5/5/42 - 4/6/98

Since George Jones was playing with Tammy at the concert I shot and they were already divorced, I thought it appropriate to have this video for her birthday.


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Missing Pete Ham

I can only only imagine the brilliant songs Pete Ham and Tom Evans would have written had this tragedy not fallen upon them. It breaks my heart.


4/27/47 - 4/23/79

This song, released in 1970, is epic and has been covered by multiple singers... 


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Piano In Union Square

I shot this three years and a few days ago. This is Union Square in early April. I've been here five days and have worn my winter coat every day. Today it's been in the forties. 

About this photograph...I'm always wondered how the piano gets there.

Mystery instantly solved thanks to Google. Meet Colin Huggins aka 'the real piano man' or 'the piano guy'. He used to push this piano around New York and even played in the subways. I apparently saw his other piano last summer when I met up with a creative portraiture client at Washington Square Park...I say apparently because he wasn't there but I've just read that he know uses a grand piano. When I saw it Colin wasn't around. Maybe on a coffee break.


This is not Colin Huggins, although the empty grand piano I saw in Washington Square surely belonged to him.

If you'd like to learn about COLIN HUGGINS click his name, and you'll realize why I thought this was him and then pieced the evidence to get to the truth.

Not to mention I found this video of my guy credited it to Colin and Colin commented, "hahahahaha, that's not me."

I remember him playing much better than this.

HB Peter Wood!

Celebrating Peter Wood's birthday today! Not only was he an amazing musician and songwriter (he co-wrote Year of the Cat with Al Stewart), he was also an excellent photographer. I took this photograph of him while he was using my second camera to photograph me taking a picture of him, etc. The shot he took of me is on the cover of Everybody I Shot Is Dead. There is also a portrait he took of me without a camera in front of my face in his section of the book.

4/9/50 - 9/18/94

Here's  a video Peter Wood on keyboards touring with the late great Lou Reed, where they actually cut to Peter several times throughout the video.


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Remembering Gene Pitney

Got to shoot him at Sunset Studios. He was such a cool guy. Really nice. So many great songs. Tons of touring and connecting with his fans up to the day he died.


2/17/40 - 4/5/06

And he bought me lunch.

This is so cool...


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HB Michael Georgiades

The Happiest of Birthdays to MG. I love, love, love this guy. This photograph is from the first time I shot him when The Bernie Leadon Michael Georgiades Band were touring with Linda Ronstadt. I met him after their set and we became friends. And still are. I'm talking to him on the phone right now.


Couldn't find any live performance videos but here he is singing...


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