Brooklyn Bridge

I shot these a couple of years ago. I spent an afternoon walking across and back from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was my first time...well, the only time so far.

The reaction to these two photographs is generally 'where is this?'. Then, on the one with the flag, 'wait, that's the Brooklyn Bridge'. Then 'where and how did you shoot these? I've never seen this view of the bridge.' To be honest, I have no idea. When shooting I am capturing images as I see them in the moment. I was checking out Brooklyn Bridge online and haven't seen any like these. 

So I'm going to revisit the bridge to check out how I will see it a second time. And I'll try and replicate these photos and make a note of how I shot them. If you see these and have the answer please feel free to share.


Coming Soon (maybe)

Today is number 318 of 2015. I'm getting close to the end with only 47 days left. Definitely on the backstretch of my commitment to post every day this year. It's the second time I've done this.

Now, I've been thinking about how I can top that in 2016. One idea I've come up with is setting the bar higher than I can imagine. I'm thinking about taking a photograph every day next year and posting it on my blog. It has been done before but the difference and difficulty for me is to take a photograph every day that I feel is worthy of a post. Plus I don't actually take a picture every day. And sometimes I'm out shooting and I don't get anything I like.

I'm glad I wrote "thinking of" instead of "I am" so I have a way out of this ridiculous idea. 

Anyway, here's a photo I took a year and a three months ago at a vapor bar in New York. I was there shooting a musician but I was enamored with the style of this woman and couldn't resist capturing this moment.


Forty-seven days to go...I'm going to cherish each and every one of them.

Wedding Photographer

OK...I am definitely not a wedding photographer. But if I was, I certainly wouldn't pose the happy couples behind bars for their memory of a lifetime. I hope it isn't an omen against their future bliss.

I did take this picture. From the side. Their photographer was on the other side of the fence...


...and the couple caught me in the act of grabbing this shot. I'm glad they busted me. It's a much better picture with them looking into my lens instead of the photographer on the other side of the bars.


Despite that fact that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people and all kinds of clamor in this photograph, there is only quiet and serenity when I look at it. I think that feeling comes from the light and shadows.

I am happy for this moment of peace on a Sunday morning.

I shot this by jamming my lens out of a window in the Empire State building.