One of my favorites. This is what you might call a walk-by shooting. My eye got this little girl from another time while I was walking through a NY subway station. I had my camera dangling from my right shoulder. Since I couldn't stop and point my camera at her (well, I could have but I didn't want to miss my shot or stop) so without bringing the camera to my eye, I just hit the shutter button in hopes of catching the shot. When I opened the file I couldn't see much as it was under exposed, but I was able to bring the image up with an exposure adjustment.

I caught this three years with all the people I shoot anonymously, I wonder who they are, where they are, and if they'll ever come across a photograph I've taken of them.


Back to the beach--uh oh

I've been working on putting a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 post together since I photographed three of the five inductees. Here's proof of it, started yesterday.


Why haven't I finished it? Because I don't have a photograph on hand for one of the inductees. The negs are in storage. And then I have to do a bunch of scanning. Figure out which frame to pick. Scan that frame. Mess with it a little in my digital darkroom. So, if it's not tomorrow it will be Monday. For sure. 

In the meantime, let's go back to the beach...No, wait a second. Let's find something with snow. Hold on...I found snow and a ghost. Here it is....


BW or Color

Sometimes I shoot black and white and sometimes I shoot in color. I love both, so my choice depends on subject, style, etc. Ninety percent of the time I know when I shoot. I often shoot in black and white mode but since I shoot raw the color remains in the file and can be brought up. If you shoot in tiff or jpeg you lose the color information in the file.

Today I was walking around Bushwick to shoot the murals, which is what I planned to post. Then came my conundrum. The first one I picked stymied me on whether it should be color or black and white. I planned color because the mural artist painted it in color but then in post I looked at it in black and white. So for the past half hour I have been going back and and white or color?

You decide.


The Platform

One of the best things about New York City is that strangers talk to each other. It's difficult to be alone here because there are people out and about 24/7. And again, people communicate with each other.

I shot this photograph from the moving subway car I was riding on...this was definitely a drive-by shooting. I saw this mismatched group of five people with the mosaic behind them. There's are story here - a mother (with map in hand) and daughter trying to figure how to get to the airport. The woman they're speaking with looks pretty intense and she has strong body language - that may just be the nano-second when I caught her. And then there's the dude on the right having a snooze.


Tomorrow I will be posting something very important. The opposite of this picture in hopes of getting someone some help.