Glenn Frey Gone

I used "Utter Shock" when David Bowie checked out, the strongest pairing of words I could come up with in that moment.  Now I need an even stronger word pairing to describe my more than utter shock at the loss of Glenn Frey. I don't have one.

I was privileged to have shot the Eagles twice, and I also saw them play in London on the Hotel California tour. I was there working with Cat Stevens on my first book and was invited by Fabio Nicoli (you will need to look him up in the dedication pages at the front of your Everybody I Shot Is Dead book - *wink) with his special passes that not only gave us backstage access but also an after-party which turned out to be a sit-down dinner at a swanky private club (posting the elegant invite at the bottom of the post).

It was not unusual to run into an Eagle here or there once I was living in Los Angeles, hanging out at the Troubadour and Dan Tana's. Or at a private party at Chasen's (now gone) after a Dan Fogelberg concert. Or ending up at one or more Eagle homes after the bars closed on an occasion or two. 

The last time I saw, or I should say brushed by Glenn Frey in person was a few years ago at our mutual chiropractor's office. My wonderful and supportive chiropractor had bought a case of books from me to give out for Christmas when it first came out. He also had me personalize the books. One was gifted to Glenn and I wrote something like 'I'm glad I didn't have to honor you in this book.' At that time or even now, I could never have imagined this day. It makes no sense to me that this seemingly vibrant man would leave the planet so soon. 

Even though I didn't know him well, it still feels like I do/did because his (and the Eagles) music was so personal. And I photographed him/them which I take very personally. The photograph I'm posting here is in my Top Ten concert shots. It has never been published or posted or distributed. The only way you could have seen it before is if you came to my house and I showed you my first portfolio that includes an 11x14 print of this shot.

After my chiropractor gave Glenn a copy of my book, I told him about this favorite photograph and that I would find the original and make a print for him to give to Glenn. Every time I went there (whenever I was in California) I would say, "Darn, I really need to look for that shot of Glenn Frey so you can give it to him. I think he would like it."

I am really sorry I never followed through. I still think he would have liked it.

While trying to pick out a video to honor Glenn I came across this:


So even though he's not singing on this, I have no choice. Besides, it's always been one of my favorites too. And it's got all the original members except Bernie Leadon. Just wish the filmmaker of this showed more of Glenn behind the piano.


Here's the invite I mentioned above.


Yeah, I kept. And also stole a big ashtray from the party that had the Hotel California logo enameled in the center of it. Too bad an ex-boyfriend of mine threw it on concrete, pulverizing it.

I'm going to do a Limited Edition of 10 prints of this photograph of Glenn Frey.
Email me here if you are interested.