Horses (Movie)

I've been editing every waking moment for the past two days. There was a lot of photo editing and having to hear myself speak etc. I think the Kickstarter video is done...finally...hopefully the unbiased friend that's checking it out won't have too many notes (crossing fingers).

In the meantime, I don't want to look for any photographs to post so you're getting my 13-second film that needs some views on youtube. It was made with still photographs and a bunch of sound design and music, etc that I added on.

Merry Christmas

I am here...


Currently, I am sitting inside a car in the parking lot of a Starbucks because the place I am staying doesn't have internet (this should be interesting). This photograph may or may not have been taken this afternoon by my iPhone through a dirty window whilst I was driving 75mph. (If I actually did do that consider this a warning to not try this at home)

If I did actually take the picture as described I can tell you that I did not do anything to the original picture. No cropping, no color adjustments, no sharpening, no filters. Nada. Just a quick click. Sometimes I get lucky.

Anyway, I'm tired and would like to get out of this empty parking lot before I get mugged or picked up by the cops. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day and overate as much as I did. Six days (and blog posts) left in 2016. How did 2015 go by so fast?

Psychic Photography #4

Still getting to all the fine people who are giving four digit numbers.

Today we have image number 2188 from Megan...let's call it Eight Palms. It was taken in Palm Desert, La Quinta to be more specific.


The second in line today is image #1328 from Rosie. It's called Fish because that's his name. Excellent singer/performer from Scotland - I shot him at NearFest in PA, BB King's in New York and House of Blues in Los Angeles where this photograph was taken. By far not the best shot I got of him but it still has a feel to it. You can one of my fave shots of him HERE, the one right after Mick Fleetwood.


Hoping Megan and Rosie find their psychic connection to these photographs.