HB, Butter!

Celebrating Paul Butterfield's 73rd birthday with four photos showing what's happening before you get to a concert.

12/17/42 - 5/4/87

Yup, Paul Butterfield killed it at Woodstock...


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Chris Parker

Today is drummer and artist Chris Parker's birthday! Celebrate and eat some cake. 

I met Chris when he was on tour with Paul Butterfield in his Better Days band. We hung out after the show and took pictures of each other on my camera...

Him by me:


Me by him:


I reconnected with Chris when I was putting my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, and have seen him play on several occasions since. Here's a shot I took of him more recently and actually caught him playing. 


Here's a recent video of Chris playing with his current band, the Chris Parker Trio.


Michael Bloomfield

I wish people couldn't die. We lost the best white blues guitarist, bar none (sorry Eric), thirty-four years ago. I so wish he was still here.

The story of my crazy but sweet encounters with Michael Bloomfield is laid out in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead (< click to order) along with my photographs and some taken by Michael. It even has an irrefutable ghost story that will send chills up your spine.

Did you know that Bloomfield ate fire? I believe this is the only color photograph of him eating fire. The only other shot I've seen was an old black and white of him doing it in a living room, maybe his parents house.


6/28/43 - 2/15/81

Instead of posting a video of him playing, I want you to get a glimpse into his personality and passion. And you get some Son House as a bonus and a bit of Butterfield to boot. I hope you enjoy!