Two Birthdays

In addition to St. Patrick's Day, I am celebrating the birthdays of two great musicians.


3/17/41 - 1/28/16


3/17/54 - 12/8/86

I was hoping I might find a connection between Paul and Fats but no luck. So here's a different combo for Paul Kantner that only 3K have seen. Paul Kantner signing Wooden Ships (one of my fave songs) with Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1989.


I'm combo-ing Fats with Muddy Waters! He plays the red guitar on the left of the stage. At the time he would have only been 19 years old. Can you imagine playing with Muddy Waters when you're 19?


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Farewell, Paul Kantner

I've spent the past couple of hours perusing photos I took of Paul Kantner when Jefferson Starship were playing to 17,000 fans and then the photos I took of him at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA in June of 2008.

I was thinking of posting some of the old and some of the new.  Then I found this photograph... 


3/17/41 - 1/28/16

It brought tears to my eyes and felt like it was the only one that could represent this moment. From the position of his guitar to the expression on his face, like its time to leave 'this stage'. Then the person on the far right, giving Paul the peace sign. 

Safe travels and have a blast with that big band in the sky. 



I was out of ideas today so I put a request to my Facebook friends for a 4-digit number that may have meaning to them with the idea that I would pick a photograph with that file number and see if the photograph actually does have meaning to that person. Yes, we're going psychic.

There were 2 responses almost immediately (thanks for that) and decided to do both and show two photographs for each number. Playing with twos here for added meaning. The odd thing is that both people are in Sydney, Australia. There's something cosmic right there.

The first response was from Que who I only know virtually through our screenwriting workshop with Max Adams. (shameless plug: If you're an up and coming writer take her classes.) Here are Que's photographs for file numbers 1979.

Production still from the short film  Ship of Fools

Production still from the short film Ship of Fools


The second number came in from John, who I know too well. He's is my older brother. I'm pretty sure both of the photographs with file number 0929 will have some meaning to John.

Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner


I'm asking Que and John to let me know if their random photograph picks are somehow related to them. By tomorrow I may be know as the psychic photographer and I can turn it into a prosperous venture.

Get Well, Paul Kantner

Apparently Paul Kantner had a heart attack yesterday. According to Jefferson Starship's Facebook page, "Paul's health took a bad turn this week. He's in the hospital, stable and undergoing tests to find out exactly what's going on but the doctors suspect he had a heart attack. He is in the best possible care and we are sending him all of our best wishes, good thoughts and healing vibes. We're continuing the tour without him, as most of the shows are sold out or close to it and we have to honor our contracts and our fans who bought tickets and put on the best show possible. We will dedicate every show to Paul until he is well enough to rejoin us onstage. Thank you for your continued support during this difficult."

I've had the privilege to shoot Paul Kantner on two different occasions, years apart. 

Wishing Paul a speedy recovery!