A Different Beach

 I have no idea why I'm feeling so drawn to my beach photographs lately. Maybe because I'm in California and haven't had time to go to the beach lately even though the temperatures have been beach worthy.

These two are from Huntington Beach with the very charming pier.

I'm definitely in a photographic storytelling mode and there's always a story to be found at the beach, especially when there are dogs.

Today's Shoot

I had an awesome Creative Portrait session today that continued into the night...can't wait to post some of the shots we took. That will hopefully happen by the end of this week. 

In the meantime, I am quickly scanning through the photographs that don't have my subject in them. Following are the ones I picked out.

I'll let you figure out what the first photo is...


The next photos were taken much later in the shoot. Night time. I fell in love with this boat. Partly because it's named my favorite flower - Lilac. Partly because it's a very old school boat. And partly because it's used by the Coast Guard. These shots may look like I used a flash but I did not. I only used the light that was there. The buildings in the background belong to New Jersey.