John Ford

John Ford of RCA was one of my most frequent clients when I shooting concerts in Vancouver. Today I am celebrating John's birthday - he is number 2 of the 4 people I've photographed that have birthdays on July 19th. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I found out John passed away in October. The last time I spoke with him was when my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, came out and I was having an exhibit in Vancouver. We had a nice chat on the phone but sadly he declined my invite so I didn't get to see him in person. His presence is in the book in some of the backstage shots, such as this one with John Lee Hooker. John is cool dude on the right.


7/19/7/19/40 - 10/8/14

I loved working with John. He was very loyal to my work and was always professional and thankful for the work I did for him.

You can see more photographs of John Ford in my book,