Chuck and Gary

Legend Chuck Berry and REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath share a birthday today.

Chuck Berry003.jpg


Chuck Berry turns 89 today! He was touring through his birthday last year and remains in good health. Amazing!

This video is genius...


10/18/49 - 9/13/15

Unfortunately, Gary passed away last month, before what would have been his 66th birthday.

Richrath wrote this song...he doesn't visually show up in the video until the 2:06 mark for a guitar solo.


Gary Richrath

Yesterday we lost Gary Richrath, guitarist-singer-songwriter of REO Speedwagon, five weeks to the day before his 66th birthday. He will be missed.


10/18/49 - 9/13/15

It's hard to find videos with any screen time on Gary. Was hoping to find one where he is singing and/or one he wrote (Take It On The Run) where he was featured playing. I went for the most screen time...


I'm sad to add yet another musician to the EISID family of amazing musicians.
The never-before-published photograph of Gary above is now available to hang on your wall.