Two Birthdays!

I have two people I'm connected to with birthdays today. Going alphabetically...

Happy Birthday, John Belushi!

While I did not shoot him, he is in my first book, Starart. This portrait was done by Ron Wood (Rolling Stones). I did have the pleasure of meeting him at Ronnie's house, where he gave me a quote for the book. And then again, a year or so later when I ran into him at Lucy's El Adobe. The was an interesting encounter when I told him his portrait was made into prints. His reaction was to rant at me, saying I couldn't do that and he wanted royalties. The people he was eating with looked like they wanted to crawl under the table. I, on the other hand, somehow knew he was kidding so my response to him was, "How about I drop off some prints for you." He took a pen out and jotted down his Paramount Studios office address on a napkin and signed his name on the top. Yup, it was all in fun. I still have that napkin somewhere in storage.


1/24/49 - 3/5/82

There are no decent SNL videos to share so I found a National Lampoon performance of John doing Joe Cocker.

And I can link you to Belushi's screen test for

Today's second birthday is Ray Stevens, who I did shoot early in my career. Thankfully, he is still alive and is still performing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAY!

Ray Stevens006.jpg


He did his share of comedy, including his novelty song The Streak which was number one on Billboard for three weeks. He also wrote and performed this one... 


The Streaker

Whatever happened to streaking?

I caught this guy on a stage somewhere in Eastern Canada. I was on tour with Canned Heat and a couple of other acts. And during the second act, Salem Witchcraft, this dude ran across the stage.


I really think we need to bring back streaking. It could be the next phase of the selfie.

This is Ray Stevens...


And this is a must-listen/watch Ray Stevens song that spent three weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.


I know you are all thanking me for this post... You're welcome.