HB Alan Lancaster!

Celebrating Alan Lancaster, the bassist and founder of the British band Status Quo. Have you heard of Status Quo? You should have since the band has had 60 songs chart and 22 of those in the Top Ten.


Alan is in the middle.

From left to right: John Coghlan (drums), A&M Records rep, Alan Lancaster (bass), Francis Rossi (guitar) and Rick Parfitt (guitar).

Alan shares the vocals with Rossi on What You're Proposing...


Status Quo

Have you heard of this British band? 

Status Quo001rev.jpg

L to R: John Coghlan - drums, A&M record guy, Alan Lancaster - bass, Francis Rossi - guitar, Rick Parfitt - guitar. Hope I got that right. I will be on the lookout for the live shots I took of them. 

In the meantime, here's a live performance from 1974.


And here's one from 2013. Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi still rocking.