HB Klaus Voormann

When the huge outpouring for Prince took over the internet I thought it was a shame that how we feel about the musicians we love is massively put out there after the person dies. I think we should celebrate our icons while they're still here and can feel the love.

This is why I am celebrating the birthdays of musicians I've had the privilege to photograph, and in this case, also publish his artwork in Starart for the world to see.

Today Klaus Voormann turned 78. And it is my hope that he stays around for a long, long time. Check out the video below...it's perfect for today as he's recording and mucking around in the studio with his pal, P. McCartney.



From Klaus's A Sideman's Journey released in 2009, this video is like a birthday party. Enjoy...


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Maureen Starkey...

...may be the coolest person I ever met. Smart on every level. Gone too soon.


8/4/46 - 12/30/94

This is the least lamest video that I could find where Maureen actually speaks. There's really nothing on line of her awesomeness - just montages of stolen photographs (including some of mine) to songs that don't represent her personality at all.  


Maureen is one of several people I dedicated my book to - people who guided me on my journey in the world of rock 'n' roll. You can read my stories about these special people in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. Pick up your copy today while it's still on sale!

Happy Birthday, Ritchie!

I totally bombed out on Ringo's birthday yesterday. A little late but I want to continue his #PeaceAndLove party through today and wishing him all the best on his 75th.

I shot this photograph of Ringo at Capitol Records on my recon trip to LA when I was first thinking about making the move. Someone was kind enough to get me a pass to the shooting of his Goodnight Vienna commercial. The event was crazy cool and cemented my plan to make the move.


This is his flying saucer landing on the roof of the Capitol Records building.


Here's the finished commercial for the album...


I'm putting this one up as well - a poorly put together mashup of the footage - because of the man behind the sunglasses. I remember seeing a very cool and good quality video of the antics on the roof but it must have been deleted. I hope you all recognize the extra...


You can have Ringo on your wall.