HB Tom Evans!

Celebrating Tommy Evans' birthday! Great musician in one of the greatest bands - Badfinger! 


6/5/47 - 11/19/83

How many bands have hit number one on the charts with the same song decades apart? I know this did...

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HB Alice!

Celebrating Alice Cooper's birthday today. This is the first time this rare (mine may be the only ones) and iconic photo has seen the light of day. While it may look like just another Alice Cooper costumed theatric moment, it's actually Alice performing after he took a header off the stage at the Vancouver Coliseum. He was carted backstage for treatment leaving the stunned audience wondering if it was part of the show. There was a long wait of uncertainty, then a bandaged and obviously hurting Alice Cooper returned to the stage with a concussion and six broken ribs to continue the show. 

On this night, Alice Copper took 'rock star' to a whole different level. Happy Birthday, Sir!



He's looking a lot better in this video....