My First Christmas Day in New York City (2014)

I had no plans for Christmas day this year. I asked various friends and acquaintances what it's like on Christmas day in the city. Everyone gave me the same answer - "I don't know. I've never been here on Christmas day."

So, I decided to document what happens in New York City on Christmas day. Despite my sudden bout of laryngitis, I headed out around noon with the expectation of desolation, since New Yorkers apparently bolt to be with family or to catch some rays.

As I walked toward Central Park, I noticed the lack of traffic and people. Although once I got into the park I found this flock of Canadian geese. Not sure why they haven't headed south.

And then I found this lone bird (pigeon?) standing on a rock.

And a sad looking bike cart, missing its rider.

There were plenty of leaves...

...fallen from these trees.

And finally a human...a little girl and her shadow.

It wasn't long before I hit the onslaught - people walking, biking, skateboarding and running, others taking pedicabs or horse carriages - and caught some of it on this video...

And here are other things to partake in Central Park on Christmas day.

The still photo of the artist and his subject. I think I picked the better artist to focus on.

Then I came upon the Central Park ice rink. I knew about it but didn't realize it was in the same spot as the midway is in the summer.

Somewhere in this melee of skaters and guy was proposing to his girl.

Grand Central was lighter than rush hour but there definitely was more photography going on.

You decide.....

I had a feeling that there would be a line outside of this famous (and delicious) deli.

Rockefeller Center and the official Christmas person it looked a little"Charlie Brown".


It was a madhouse at Rockefeller Center. I came out of those doors at the back and it wasn't easy to get through the crowd.

This was the view from the doors.

I didn't try to get to the other side of this rink just to end up in that mob.

Instead, I headed to Times Square. Not sure which animal this girl ended up with.

Here's a small representation of the mob in Times Square.  You definitely won't find me there on New Year's Eve. 

And let's not forget the folks who don't have a family to be with on Christmas, or a home to get a good night's sleep.

I hope the holidays have fulfilled your expectations and you have a spectacular 2015.