Lou Martin

Celebrating and mourning Lou Martin who played keyboards for Rory Gallagher. His birthday is tomorrow and five days later is the anniversary of his death.

This is the only decent photograph I have of Lou (my Rory Gallagher negatives have seen better days) but I really like it. For me, the shot tells a story. Despite his back being toward my camera, there is emotion present from Lou's posture and his wild hair in motion. He's obviously into what he's playing and it's great to see the bliss on Rory's face as they are working off each other. 


8/12/49 - 8/17/12


Lou displays his stellar playing in this video despite not being caught on camera...just as I barely caught him so I think this performance fits well with my photograph. It's also a kickass song.


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Roy de'Ath

Just one year ago tomorrow, we lost drummer Roy de'Ath. He was supposed to be dead in the late '80s after he was in a nasty car accident that left him with the loss of one eye and some brain damage. I crossed paths with de'Ath when he was playing with Rory Gallagher. The show was brilliant.


6/18/50 - 8/1/14

I picked this video of Roy when he was playing with Rory Gallagher and he has a drum solo at the 3:34 point and over-all it's a great segment from the 1974 Irish Tour documentary.


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Rory Gallagher

The reason I created my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, was for musicians like Rory Gallagher. I don't think musicians of today are learning from the many greats that became before them. Rory is one of those greats.

I did the book, and I post something about them on every birthday and death day, in hopes the someone will check them out. It's important to take a few minutes and watch them play live (possibly the best thing about the internet).

So today I am remembering the late great Rory Gallagher. If you don't know him, now is the time to fully check him out. And maybe then you will share this with a friend. And check out other music by Rory Gallagher. He really is one of the best.


3/2/48 - 6/14/95

Here's a taste...and then there is this full documentary of Rory's 1974 Irish Tour when you have one and a half hours to be impressed.


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