Seeing Sam

Sam is a very good friend of mine. Sadly, she passed away this morning. She was stuck in a bad body but that never stopped her. At the end of her life, her mobility was more than compromised, but she was still the smartest person in the room.

After the immediate things that needed to be done today were done, I was driving back to her apartment with her boyfriend (aka Mikey) and noticed the unusual California sky. It contained everything...dark ominous clouds, blue sky, puffy cauliflower clouds and sunshine. It was so unusual, I decided to grab my camera and head to the hills to see if I could find Sam up there. Especially, since last night I was telling her that some day she would be flying through the sky above fields of yellow flowers.


This is the first image I caught, where I saw her image in it...she's the girl in the middle spinning and dancing as an audience surrounds her until she is the center of attention...


Then I found this shot, where she has become a dolphin and is about to eat the sun.


I shot these photographs because I believe they are her, based on the last two goals she wanted to fulfill:

• After losing her ability to walk, her goal was to go dancing with Mikey.
• After she was saddled with a tracheostomy, her goal was to eat a burrito.

Watch THIS VIDEO and you will see verified proof and truth of what I am saying here. While you're on the video link, and if you've enjoyed my photos and the video, please consider a small contribution toward Sam's cremation. The money raised there goes directly into Mikey's savings account. He's already paid the $700 cost, so he will use the donations to pay the credit card bill. The earlier donations on the video site were used toward the costs of staying at home. She was so grateful for the help she received.