Earlier this week I decided I should go to the American Film Market today in Santa Monica. I have been to the market more times than I can count and have pretty much avoided it for the past several years. Finding parking can be the worst part of it so I decided to fork over eight bucks to park in the Santa Monica Pier lot. If you read my posts you would know I love being at the beach (even though I don't go often) so when I stepped out of the car and inhaled the aroma of salt water and sand I was in heaven.

When I was looking for something to post today, I was not planning to write about going to the AFM but as I was scrolling through my files I saw a series of photographs I took in 2010 at Long Beach. I don't think I've really looked at these before. They were shot in black and white and I took enough of this particular scene to probably make a flip book. I really like the timelessness of it.


The reason this post turned into my mention of AFM was that this photograph encompasses the feeling I had arriving there and throughout the day. Unlike any other year the day was chill, fun and full of surprises... possibly because I had no plan (most people go there with a plan and lists of people they want to get meetings with) and I allowed myself to wander with no agenda and just see what would happen. My first surprise was seeing this banner...


In case you're new here, I took the photograph of Taylor Richardson that became the artwork for the movie. I immediately dashed to Suite 651 to say hello to the company that picked up the film for foreign sales.They were awesome. A sidebar on the photo I took of my photo -- I'm so happy I caught that elevator full of people in the background. It almost looks like a silver-framed movie poster with the lettering at the top hanging on that wall.

I stopped in several other suites, some where I knew the people and reconnected and some where I met new people. I talked to a few interesting random people in the lobby and, best of all, I ran into one of the actors from my short film. This may have been the first AFM I have attended where I didn't think "Ugh".

And now, I sleep.

Five Years

Yes, it was five years ago today when I shot this photograph of Santa Monica Beach. This remains one of my all-time favorite shots. Maybe I should enter it in a contest. Or make a Limited Edition print of it. Or maybe just one print for me.


I posted three other photographs from this shoot here if you'd like to check them out. They are all in black and white...maybe a couple of them would be better in color. Decisions, decisions. One day I like it one way and the next day I like it another way.

Santa Monica Pier

Writing a blog every single day is awesome on one hand and troublesome on the other. Today is one of the troublesome days. These are the day's where I have no idea what to put up and very little time available to come up with something. This is when I scroll through my photo editing program that holds what I've managed to archive so far. It currently holds 36,943 images.

And on many occasions I find nothing. That's when I have to go into the unarchived slides and negatives, then scan something as I did in the last two blog entries. (Side Bar: I'm really disappointed that no one identified the musician in "Name The Rock Star". One person tried and was wrong. Come on people.) When I don't find anything in the archive, it's not because the images are crap. It's just that on any given day none of the images spark me as a blog post - the written part. 

Sometimes I gravitate to a folder and have no idea why. That would be what happened today and has resulted in what I'm writing at this moment. Even though when I chose this set of photos, I had no plan of writing about how I go about writing a post. The actual writing of this post started with the text in the following paragraph. You have now had a visit into my brain.

I took these photos several years ago. I was experimenting with night photography using a combo of long exposure and strobe. It was eye-opening for me as usually shoot with available light.

I now want to revisit this technique.