Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Celebrating Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson's birthday today with one of my all-time favorite live concert photographs. I always waited for my shots and my goal was to get past their stage persona into their soul. Thank you, Dennis, for letting me in.


12/4/44 - 12/28/83

I was looking for a live performance of something off his solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, but alas I found none. Here's Dennis performing Forever, a song he wrote for the Sunflower album.


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Carl Wilson

I have idolized The Beach Boys since I was a little kid and they remain in my top 10 bands ever. Their music is magic. I am so grateful that I got to photograph them them twice. They were as amazing live as they were on their records.


12/21/46 - 2/6/98


Seventeen years ago today we lost one of the sweetest voices ever to grace this planet. Thankfully he left lots and lots of amazing recordings for us to listen to as well as videos to enjoy over and over again. And it doesn't get any better than this one...