Are You Suspicious?

I don't know about you but I've always been suspicious of anything being offered to me for free. There's always a catch, right? For example, I sent away for a free sample jar of face cream that I found online. I wanted to try it out with no strings attached. I read the small print. All I had to do was pay $4.95 for shipping. I was fine with that. I got the cream. And I liked it. Until I reconciled my credit card a couple of weeks later. There was an $80+ charge for my subscription to these skin products. Thankfully, I was able to call them and they canceled my subscription and refunded the charge. The cream is still good and I would buy it if it was available without the subscription.

Then in early march my awesome genius connector friend shared a link to sign up on an email list where this guy is giving something away for free every day in 2015. It struck a positive chord with me because I am committed to doing a blog post everyday in 2015. The red flag went up immediately when I clicked the link and it was it was this:

Who is this guy? I did some quick vetting and was even more confused but I figured he had to be a marketing guy who, despite his 'no strings' disclaimer, was eventually try to sell me something or at best, fill my inbox with junk mail. So, I emailed my friend and asked him about this guy. He said he had met him and he thought he was a good guy. Okay, I signed up.

The emails started coming, just once a day (sometimes less) as he promised. And every email had something he was willing to give to someone for free. I liked many of these things but thought I should wait for something I really wanted (I didn't pay attention to the part that said I could respond for the item every day) plus I was still a little suspect. And I couldn't do that anyway because I always feel awkward when I get a gift. 

Finally, in mid-March he was offering to buy a bag of his favorite coffee beans because he was ordering for himself and wanted to turn people on the this boutique coffee company, Pangeo. I responded to his offer and a couple of days later he emailed me on coordinating the shipping. After several options were offered, I chose to pick it up from him at his midtown office. I was still a little suspicious and wanted to check this guy out. We hung out and yakked for almost an hour and he ended up booking a photo shoot with me. And again, he wanted nothing from me. And the coffee was really good!

We ended up doing the shoot on April 1 in Los Angeles and I wrote about it and him on my April 6th blog post, Being You. That was almost a month ago and our friendship has continued to flourish from there. This person is truly different. And awesome. And smart. And honest. And real. And he is just giving stuff away with no strings attached. His purpose and hope is that this starts a trend of people wanting to give, without expectations of something in return.

Now for the reason I am writing about this today. Yesterday, I got the daily (not always) email from Tim about referrals. It was very cryptic, saying it would be the most expensive thing he had offered so far (a few weeks ago he gave away $100 in cash (< yup, he's seriously crazy but in a very good way). I wrote him back saying "I can't wait 'til tomorrow". I was actually looking forward to nabbing this mystery gift. He wrote me back and told me I didn't have to wait until today and included this LINK. That's when I found out that I am today's gift. He's actually hiring me to do a photo shoot with the person who responds to his email. If more than one person responds he picks someone. I have no idea how he picks but I'm sure it's fair and square.

So now is the time you want to take the leap of faith and sign up for his daily gift emails. He just assured me that everyone who signs up today will receive today's email and be able to respond and be in the running for a free (to you) photo shoot with me. You can also gift it to someone else if you're not in LA or NY (although you can fly me to where you are). You can then respond to any future free things he offers. And he really isn't selling anything or wanting something in return. Tim McDonald is the real deal. He's trying to make the world a better place. I wish there were more people like him. 


Here's a screen grab of the first email you will receive if you sign up today. And if you respond to the email you will have a chance to get a free photo shoot with me (value $750). And better yet, over time you may get to be friends with the coolest dude around. That's one of the photos I shot of Tim and has become my favorite. It's especially appropriate because he is a huge supporter of No Kid Hungry. I can't wait to find out who I'm going to be shooting. This will be my biggest adventure yet!

I'm looking forward (not that I'll ever know) to seeing how many people will trust me and actually sign up. Are you suspicious?