HB Tom Evans!

Celebrating Tommy Evans' birthday! Great musician in one of the greatest bands - Badfinger! 


6/5/47 - 11/19/83

How many bands have hit number one on the charts with the same song decades apart? I know this did...

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Tom Evans

This date saddens me every year. The loss of Tommy Evans eight years after bandmate Pete Ham added tragedy to tragedy. Devastating. The future songs we have all missed out on by the Ham/Evans collaboration were taken away by one music industry scumbag slimy thief who got to live to 87. This world can be so unfair.


6/5/47 - 11/19/83

Tom Evans on lead vocals without Pete Ham.


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Mike Gibbins

Ten years ago today is the day we lost Mike Gibbins...drummer extraordinaire of The Iveys, the band that would become Badfinger.

Joey Molland, Mark Wilson (WB Records, Tom Evans, Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins

Joey Molland, Mark Wilson (WB Records, Tom Evans, Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins


3/12/49 - 10/4/05

There are some great frames of Mike in this video...


Learn more about Mike and pick up some music at his Memorial Website.

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Pete Ham's Birthday

Four days ago I was remembering Pete Ham on the anniversary of Pete Ham. Today is his birthday, just four days after he took his own life. The business side of the music industry failed Pete Ham and his band, Badfinger. The story is tragic and is a cautionary tale even in today's music business landscape.

Is there anything we can do to protect the artistry of music?

Happy Birthday, Pete.
Wish you were here.


Badfinger on stage L to R: Tom Evans, Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins, and
4/27/47 - 4/23/75