Five days ago I posted a photograph of a multi-rooted tree trunk covered in Fall colors. I mentioned it was directly related to the person I was shooting that day but I couldn't reveal any photos without her permission.

Well, I got that permission an hour ago, so here are two photos that I love. All the kudos go to the very talented and adventurous actor, Yasmeen Jawhar. We had so much fun!


We shot these and more in less than a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon in Central Park, two days after we did the main Creative Portraiture that turned out a ton of killer shots. She was so great to play and create with...I predict you will be seeing her on the big screen sooner than later.

Special thanks to Michael Claes for his generous assistance in making these photographs possible.

If you are interested in learning more about my Creative Portraiture (it includes your headshots) click the image below. It's a co-creative adventure day where amazing things will happen.