I haven't looked at this photograph in a long time. Somehow it is even more intriguing than the last time I saw it.

Photography Tip:
This is a good example of depth of field. The foreground is in focus and the background in blurry. You can create this effect by opening up the aperture. It is also called the f-stop. It is the ring on the lens that has numbers sometimes from 1.4 to 22 or more. The lower the number, the objects  further away from what you focus on will be blurry. The above photograph was shot with a f/9 which is fairly high, however in this case the foreground is very sharp and the objects in the background that are very blurred were very far back.

Tomorrow I will post of photograph with a higher f-stop to show the difference.

Feedback Please

Here's another abstract I shot a year ago mid-February. I'm really interested in hearing about what reactions you had while viewing this photograph. And as soon as I typed that I thought it might be fun (and easier) to create a survey - my very first one. It would be awesome if you could take a few minutes out of your day to answer any or all of the 8 questions. You will hopefully find the SURVEY HERE. Oh, and you are not required to identify yourself so you can be completely honest. 

Back to the beach--uh oh

I've been working on putting a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 post together since I photographed three of the five inductees. Here's proof of it, started yesterday.


Why haven't I finished it? Because I don't have a photograph on hand for one of the inductees. The negs are in storage. And then I have to do a bunch of scanning. Figure out which frame to pick. Scan that frame. Mess with it a little in my digital darkroom. So, if it's not tomorrow it will be Monday. For sure. 

In the meantime, let's go back to the beach...No, wait a second. Let's find something with snow. Hold on...I found snow and a ghost. Here it is....


Photo Shoot

I had one yesterday. It was a very good one. I've briefly looked through the images and am very happy with many of them. Plus I got to grab a few personal photographs. Such as this one... image that could only have been captured in that moment, and never be seen again. Did I mention yesterday was a very good shoot day?