I love this photograph I took of musician, Adrianna Mateo. This part of our session was only a few minutes. It was not planned. She really let go on our shoot and the results were well worth it. We started around 11am and this part ended around 6:30 because she had a gig. After the gig, she met up with me around 1am and shot for another good hour.

My creative portrait sessions are so much fun and full of surprises for me and my subject.

Thanks for this memory, Adrianna!


Here's the antithesis of the photograph...but also as beautiful...



I haven't looked at this photograph in a long time. Somehow it is even more intriguing than the last time I saw it.

Photography Tip:
This is a good example of depth of field. The foreground is in focus and the background in blurry. You can create this effect by opening up the aperture. It is also called the f-stop. It is the ring on the lens that has numbers sometimes from 1.4 to 22 or more. The lower the number, the objects  further away from what you focus on will be blurry. The above photograph was shot with a f/9 which is fairly high, however in this case the foreground is very sharp and the objects in the background that are very blurred were very far back.

Tomorrow I will post of photograph with a higher f-stop to show the difference.


Two photographs I shot three years ago today. It was supposed to be a short trip that turned into living living in New York. Looking back, it seems longer than three years because of all the things I've accomplished and the people I have met and developed into great friendships.

The first building/landmark I saw leaving the terminal...


And the beginning of my obsession with the subway and the people that populate it...


Thank you, New York!

Psychic Photography #3

Another post of psychic photographs picked by people choosing four digit numbers on Facebook. I search the numbers in my photography archives and post the images. I am looking for a psychic connection between the photograph and the person that chose it. 

First up is #2222 chosen by Ilyana. I'm calling the photograph Surf Dogs.


This photograph is #8675 chosen by Alice and titled Tree Sweepers.


I think there is a psychic connection between the photographs themselves...I would also like to know if Ilyana and Alice experience a psychic connection between their chosen photographs. 

Sauce Bar

I recently was gifted an old tripod that is incredibly light-weight, so I've been messing around with long exposure shots. I can hand-hold a pretty slow shutter speed without a tripod but what I really wanted to try shooting in low light with a low ISO ('film' speed).

I was in a sort of restaurant - the kind you order then the blinky handheld device vibrates and you grab your grub. Not specifically planning to shoot there but I was waiting at my table and was captivated by the body language (there backs were to me) so I whipped out the tripod and shot this photo.


These were my settings: ISO 125, F-stop 4, Exposure 0.4 sec and it was shot at 8:45pm. I was surprised that the couple didn't move and was very pleased with the texture details in their clothing.


This is a photo from a series I did of Union Square in New York. I did at least five shoots amassing several hundred images over a one month period. Union Square is its own city beneath the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple overhead. There are multiple subway lines that converge on Union Square, creating a transient subway population and another population of actual transients, entertainers, religious zealots, police officers and, every once in a while, a guy who shows up via walker for a little fine dining.

This is just one of many reasons I love New York.