My website was down yesterday evening through the night. Ugh. So, here is yesterday's post.

I am neck-deep in creating my Kickstarter campaign page - I was up until 3am this morning and back at it at 9am. I thought it would be easier the second time around. Apparently not. This photograph of Stephen the Juggler represents the many feelings I'm presently going through on so many levels. Even my expression mirrors his.

I'm trying not to drop the balls as I criss-cross through the elements required to create a successful and fun campaign. My goal is to build an interactive community to join me on my upcoming creative adventure.

HB, Butter!

Celebrating Paul Butterfield's 73rd birthday with four photos showing what's happening before you get to a concert.

12/17/42 - 5/4/87

Yup, Paul Butterfield killed it at Woodstock...


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I'm going to a holiday party this evening. While I was in the shower, aka my mind wandering place, this photograph popped into my head. It has nothing to do with anything but since I thought of it I figured it was what I'm supposed to post today.


This photograph was shot on film around 2010 and developed by me. I must have been thinking about another of my projects that I want to continue. It was started on film so I feel I need to continue it on film. That entails buying a film camera (mine is irreparable) and finding a darkroom I can play in.

Crossroads - Photography Tip #11

Hope you are surviving your Thanksgiving food coma. Since it is Thanksgiving I thought it would be a good time to give you a photography tip.

This tip is about looking for light and shadow. Photography is all about light, as is painting, film, theater and concerts. It also happens to be how I see the world every single day. I have a photograph I took that is literally light and shadow. It's called Crossroads, shot on film, an actually won best abstract photo in a contest (I think it's the only contest I've ever entered - I'm not a fan of them).


I was walking by that same location a week ago and, based on the light that day, I took another photo with the idea of doing this post.

This is what the shot looks like without the light...



Then when I was out shooting last Sunday, I took one more shot of the same subject. It is similar to the first shot, but also very different.


I love sharing my passion for photography and passing on the knowledge I've learned. If you're interested in taking your photography to a new level I have a great group workshop and also private sessions, both available in New York and Los Angeles. Gather some friends or come alone and take you photography to a whole new level.


I could not find anything to post today, um, I mean tonight. I have a massive sinus headache. Not fun when I'm scouring files for a photograph to throw up on here. The longer it took, the more my nose ached. I just wanted to go to sleep. 

Then I found something in a Van Morrison folder. The something was not Van. It was this photograph of the mixing board. The sound dude. And the audience. I really like this one. Mostly for the angle and the depth - meaning the board, then the people (who were thankfully looking at me shoot them) and then the crowd on the upper deck.

So now you know what it looked like (and hopefully felt like) at a long ago Van Morrison concert before the house lights went down and the stage lights came up.



I had yet another birthday dinner (thank you Brady) where we swapped stories, although I think I talked too much. I told too many stories related to creative projects that I somehow made happen in my earlier years that now seem unreal. As I listened to myself stringing words into sentences I began to wonder, Am I making this up? 

Driving back to the place I am staying, I heard devil-me whispering in my ear, 'So, what have you done lately?' I had planned to start this blog post but somehow I got off-track looking at some artwork done by a daughter of a famous musician I photographed a couple of times long ago. I liked her images, watercolor I think, then thought about her famous last name and whether that helped her get gallery exhibits and representation and, and, and... She's smart, having read authors whose names are dropped when you want to sound intellectual. Then I looked up her representation wondering if they repped photographers (yes, I've been wondering if I should have a rep) and saw the work of another artist's photography. A few of them were like paintings. I've been pondering lately about combining my photography and drawing or painting. I've done all of these separately but haven't drawn or painted in a long time. Dare I try that?

Then I looked at the clock and thought I better find a photograph to post on here. I opened my photography folder and scrolled down and down to a unnumbered folder (that means older stuff) that was labeled Classroom. There were a few Word documents, a couple of PSD files and them a contact sheet from a black and white film roll. It was scanned large enough to pull a frame from so I looked through them and was struck by this one...


I remember catching this photograph and why I thought it was an interesting image, however, after I developed the film and made the contact sheet I didn't think it worked. Five and a half years later I am changing my mind. It's even more interesting to my eye now than it was when I shot it. 

Devil-me has just been decapitated. 

Old School

I didn't have anything for today. Surprise, surprise...other than the musician birthdays and deathdays I never have anything planned. So, I opened a couple of large manila envelopes that are temporarily holding sheets of slides and black and white negatives. I found a half of a contact sheet and the negs to go with it.

In the color batch I found a bunch more Blue Oyster Cult slides. And the neg sleeve was titled Parks and labeled FEB '77. I immediately had this thought - can someone lend me a year so I can properly archive all of my early works?

I don't know if I remember shooting the parks negs or I just think that after looking at them. Out of the 18 frames there might be six that I would consider printing. However, those decisions can change from year to year or even day to day.

Anyway, I chose this one because the juxtaposition of the foreground couple and the background couple. And the composition. I like that the tree shadow takes your eye from the couple in front directly to the older folks on the bench. I also wonder who the front couple are and what became of them. I expect the trio on the bench have moved on.


This was shot in the park across from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The same park where a certain pop star was arrested in the restroom for lewd behavior.

Carry on.