I had yet another birthday dinner (thank you Brady) where we swapped stories, although I think I talked too much. I told too many stories related to creative projects that I somehow made happen in my earlier years that now seem unreal. As I listened to myself stringing words into sentences I began to wonder, Am I making this up? 

Driving back to the place I am staying, I heard devil-me whispering in my ear, 'So, what have you done lately?' I had planned to start this blog post but somehow I got off-track looking at some artwork done by a daughter of a famous musician I photographed a couple of times long ago. I liked her images, watercolor I think, then thought about her famous last name and whether that helped her get gallery exhibits and representation and, and, and... She's smart, having read authors whose names are dropped when you want to sound intellectual. Then I looked up her representation wondering if they repped photographers (yes, I've been wondering if I should have a rep) and saw the work of another artist's photography. A few of them were like paintings. I've been pondering lately about combining my photography and drawing or painting. I've done all of these separately but haven't drawn or painted in a long time. Dare I try that?

Then I looked at the clock and thought I better find a photograph to post on here. I opened my photography folder and scrolled down and down to a unnumbered folder (that means older stuff) that was labeled Classroom. There were a few Word documents, a couple of PSD files and them a contact sheet from a black and white film roll. It was scanned large enough to pull a frame from so I looked through them and was struck by this one...


I remember catching this photograph and why I thought it was an interesting image, however, after I developed the film and made the contact sheet I didn't think it worked. Five and a half years later I am changing my mind. It's even more interesting to my eye now than it was when I shot it. 

Devil-me has just been decapitated.