Yesterday was weird. I had a plan to take some specific story based photographs but when I got there I knew it wasn't going to happen. The subject, the reason and what made my day weird is a story for another time. 

In hopes of changing the day from weird to less weird, Pumpkin and I took a walk around the neighborhood with camera. I needed to take some pictures.

I guess at this point I should show you a photo or two. Actually, I've decided on three out of the seven I pocked. Never know when I'll need a fallback photo for the blog. On those days where I can't seem to find anything I like.

So, I'm starting out by showing you HEART.


Hey, reader, have you been wondering why this post is called Jerry, yet? Instead of Heart?

Next is Pumpkin. Hmmm, I could have titled this post Pumpkin.


This is where Pumpkin and I lived three and a half years ago. She didn't come near this building for over two plus years. Since that time, whenever we've walked down this street she beelines to the front door and will stand there waiting for me to open the door. She really misses her ritual of laying in the sun on the balcony and then laying in the shower on the cool tiles. Back and forth she'd go.


After peeling her away from her former abode, Pumpkin and I walked along the LA River. Yes, it's a man made concrete river built for flood run-off (I think). And if you think it never rains or could flood in Southern California, here's a shot I took in 2010. 


Anyway, back to having taken the sunsetish shot of the river... several yards before I took the river photo I had noticed and passed a guy, who appeared to be homeless, hanging out on the knoll to the right. He had a mop of curly black hair, a long-sleeve red jersey shirt and he was sitting on a small brown soft suitcase. Behind him was a fairly new red bike with a duffle bag hanging from the handle bar. I liked the whole scene. The way he was sitting, his posture and vibe. I wanted to take his picture but I weenied out and kept walking. All the steps I took toward the point that I took the river shot, I was fraught with regret of not asking him if I could take a photo of him. I took the river shot to stall on making a decision. Then I took a few more steps and saw a flyer posted on the chain link fence. It said there were West Nile virus mosquitos found in the area.

I did a one-eighty to hightail it out of there. The guy was still sitting there and I realized the flyer was my opener to conversation. We talked for maybe ten minutes. At some point I told him I had wanted to take his picture when I walked by him but now it was too dark to take what I had initially envisioned. I asked him if I could shoot him another day. That day will be tomorrow at 1pm. If he shows up at the knoll. By the way, his name is Jerry.