Happy New Year

I made my goal of posting every day of 2015 - actually surpassed it with two per day on a couple or three days. I started this challenge as a way to slow time down, by being aware of every single day. Unfortunately, the year sped by as fast as every other year has since I was a kid. Fortunately, I did get a lot out of it and I intend to continue posting every day of 2016. 

I spent the last week of the year in Palm Desert, with an adventure day shooting in Joshua Tree which is nothing short of good for the soul. Last night (NYE) I thought about what I want for 2016, in addition to flying by too fast. So far, I have these three things:

Listen before I speak.
Be positive.
Get shit done.

I shot this self portrait in Joshua Tree on December 28. It symbolizes and reflects who I am moving forward. Yes, I now have wings and am a superhero.



I'm going to a holiday party this evening. While I was in the shower, aka my mind wandering place, this photograph popped into my head. It has nothing to do with anything but since I thought of it I figured it was what I'm supposed to post today.


This photograph was shot on film around 2010 and developed by me. I must have been thinking about another of my projects that I want to continue. It was started on film so I feel I need to continue it on film. That entails buying a film camera (mine is irreparable) and finding a darkroom I can play in.

Crossroads - Photography Tip #11

Hope you are surviving your Thanksgiving food coma. Since it is Thanksgiving I thought it would be a good time to give you a photography tip.

This tip is about looking for light and shadow. Photography is all about light, as is painting, film, theater and concerts. It also happens to be how I see the world every single day. I have a photograph I took that is literally light and shadow. It's called Crossroads, shot on film, an actually won best abstract photo in a contest (I think it's the only contest I've ever entered - I'm not a fan of them).


I was walking by that same location a week ago and, based on the light that day, I took another photo with the idea of doing this post.

This is what the shot looks like without the light...



Then when I was out shooting last Sunday, I took one more shot of the same subject. It is similar to the first shot, but also very different.


I love sharing my passion for photography and passing on the knowledge I've learned. If you're interested in taking your photography to a new level I have a great group workshop and also private sessions, both available in New York and Los Angeles. Gather some friends or come alone and take you photography to a whole new level.


Imagine coming up with something every single day of the year. This is the 222nd consecutive day that I have posted on this blog. Like most posts, I had no idea what to do for today. So I went with the date being 08/09 and looked for any photographs I've shot that are 0809. There were four or five and I ended up picking a couple of shadowy themed shots.


The photo above is an exterior shot of the Lincoln Center in New York, taken last year.

The photo below was taken during a photography workshop I did in Calgary a few years ago.


And I'm throwing in this shadow-centric photo I took yesterday because it's all about the shadow, actually light and shadow, which is an important part of photography. So, this post is also a photography tip...go out and shoot, looking for light and shadow.