Take Chances

I'm taking a chance posting this...I have 19% battery and I just figured out my power port is not working. Uh oh...now it's 18%.

I randomly picked this photograph and it seems to be oddly appropriate. 


I was editing photographs that I needed to get done tonight. My love hate relationship with technology is currently on the hate side. Hope your night is going better than mine.

Murals Two

I have a whole series of mural shots I did this past weekend that I will be peppering into the blog in the coming days.

Here are the first two that I think mesh nicely, if for no other reason than they are both vertical.


No Right Turn - I like this one for the photograph as much as the mural. I think I added something great to the artist's initial intention. More so than the graffiti artist with the orange/red spray can.


In addition to the center painting, I was attracted by the texture of the wooden shingles and framing etc. I'm just not getting the pink bit above the door. Is it a pink fish with tendrils floating from its face or is it a dead chicken lying on its side?