HB Carl Palmer

I love it when I can celebrate a musician's birthday. Especially when they are still on this planet. So this is a very Happy Birthday to Emerson, Lake and Palmer drummer extraordinaire Carl Palmer. I'm a few hours early on it where I am but he's well into it as he's probably on the other side of the pond.

It is the first time this photograph has seen the light of day. Hope you, and Carl, like it.



I chose this video because it's just Carl, banging the drums...for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Oh, and also because around the 3 minute mark he dons his birthday suit. You're welcome, ladies.


Commander Cody

Today is the Commander's (aka George Frayne) birthday!

Not only is he an amazing musician...he is also an accomplished artist. He was the first artist who signed on to be in my first book, Starart. That was huge for me and my future.

Here's one of the photos I took of him for the book.

I first shot him in concert when he opened for the Grateful Dead in Vancouver. The list of bands he has toured with is a who's who of rock'n'roll. When I moved to LA I shot him at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood. The last performance I shot of his was a year ago on June 10 at The City Winery in NYC. Here's a photo from that gig.


It was an amazing show. Like a fine wine, Commander Cody continues to get better with age.

Here's a video from 1989...check out this line up on this stage...