My Addiction

Since moving to New York the end of 2012, I have been shooting candid portraits in the subways of the city. Candid meaning they don't know I'm shooting them and candid because I'm shooting blind as far as the framing of the shot. I only know the moment I chose to press the shutter button. My subway series is an ongoing project with no specific purpose, other than wanting to do something with it. A show, a book, a ________ (fill in the blank). I have created a project folder in my photo editing platform a while back in order to keep track of them since I shoot them randomly when I'm working on different jobs or projects.

So, when I was looking in my editing program for something to post today I opened that folder to see what I could find. Well, um, all the image squares were blank, as in, disappeared. Not the originals files, thankfully, but I had spent time adding them as I went through other files. I had filed 93 shots I liked so far, and there are probably hundreds more I haven't gone through. The file numbers still showed up on the blank picture boxes so I thought I would do a search which I quickly realized would take hours. Still nothing to post.

Then I decided to scroll through all the blank frames. That's when I came across this shot. The shot that somehow did not get dropped. At that point, I figured this was the one that I am supposed to send out into the big bad world. Maybe there's someone out there that will see this photo and will know what I should do with the collection (aka my addiction). And maybe that someone will reach out to me.


I love everything about this woman and the story she is expressing.