Adrianna Mateo

This is a look inside on how I shoot my creative portraiture sessions.
The sessions are for actors, musicians, creator, business people, kids and anyone else.
It is not so much a photo shoot as it is an creative collaborative experience.

On March 30 I did a session in New York with virtuoso violinist and soon to be pop star Adrianna Mateo. We had a two hour meeting to get to know each other and then agreed on a date and time to do the shoot. Other than a short discussion on what outfits she might don, there was absolutely no plan or discussion on where, what or how we would shoot. Just a meeting place and time, then we pick a direction in the moment.

We met at Union Square. I seriously had no idea what we were going to do. That is both frightening and freeing (don't try this at home?). The reason I chose to shoot this way is so that there is room for authentic collaborative creativity and most important, spontaneity.  

This shot was taken within the first twenty frames we shot...


I'm just showing a small smattering of the places where we ended up shooting...and some of the creative craziness that ensued.


All of the photographs above were not posed and caught in the moment.

This is the only one in this set I actually posed...


If you would like to see the complete array of the 187 photographs that made the cut of Adrianna's session please email me and let me know why you are interested in checking them out. For example, you are considering booking a session, or whatever other interest you may have.