HB Stanley Knight!

Celebrating the birthday of Black Oak Arkansas's guitarist, Stanley "Goober" Knight. Unfortunately, he passed away three years ago next week. While he doesn't have a full section of my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, the backstage band photograph below is one of the photos on the dedication page for Vancouver's Warner Bros record rep, Mark Wilson.


2/12/49 - 2/16/13
L to R: Harvey Jett, Patrick Daugherty, Mark Wilson (WB Rep), Ricky Lee Reynolds, Jim Dandy, Unknown, Tommy Aldridge, Stanley Knight 


Yes, that's me in a photo with Stanley Knight and Jim Dandy. I never ever asked any bands or musicians to take a photo with me - I didn't like being in front of the camera and I didn't want anyone to mistake me as a groupie. But in this case, the whole band was so nice and we were goofing around backstage. Then after the posed shots for the record company they asked to take a picture with me. I'm really glad I have it.

For those of you who have no idea who Black Oak Arkansas are, here's one of their big hits...


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Remembering Keith Knudsen

Keith Knudsen was playing drums with The Doobie Brothers when I took this photograph.


2/18/48 - 2/8/05

Since he's a drummer (one of two in The Doobie Bros), it's hard to find video that highlights him. Luckily I found this awesome video of Southern Pacific, the band Keith and fellow Doobie John McFee formed after the Doobies disbanded in 1982.


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HB Alex Harvey!

I'm pretty sure the majority of you have no idea who Alex Harvey is, and that's why I created my book Everybody I Shot Is Dead. I want you to enjoy the super-famous musicians I shot, but also take the opportunity to check out the lesser famous ones.

So, today we celebrate the late great Alex Harvey. 


2/5/35 - 2/4/82

Alex was a storyteller and showman with a boatload of charisma. He was also genuine and a sweetheart. 



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HB Terry Kath!

Celebrating genius guitarist Terry Kath's birthday today! 


1/31/46 - 1/23/78

So why do I believe he was a genius guitarist? Check out his solo that begins at the 2:04 mark and doesn't end until the 4:53 mark. If you play guitar, Terry's the one you should learn from.


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Alvin Lee

Happy Birthday, Alvin!

Genius guitar player. Playing Woodstock catapulted him to fame and became known as the fastest guitar player. The original shredder.


12/19/44 - 3/6/13

This is the song they had in the Woodstock film. Check out his playing "I'm Going Home" live...


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HB, Butter!

Celebrating Paul Butterfield's 73rd birthday with four photos showing what's happening before you get to a concert.

12/17/42 - 5/4/87

Yup, Paul Butterfield killed it at Woodstock...


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