One Week Left

One week left on my campaign for you to be a backer of the craziest project I've ever attempted.

I took this photograph in 1989. I plan to find the location and take this photograph again.

I took this photograph in 1989. I plan to find the location and take this photograph again.


What will you see and learn about the project when you land on the campaign page?

  • A video of me informing you about the project and how it came about
  • A video where you will learn about Lydia "Sam" Rawlings and why she is so important to the project.
  • You can read the well thought-out words I wrote about the project.
  • Photographs I have taken.
  • A listing of the reward levels, starting at $1. Every reward has a tangible value.
  • When you are a backer, you will have access to the 'backers only' updates.

I am planning a lot of interaction between myself and the backers. My goal is to build a community. If you choose to back my project, I want you to experience every facet of the adventure with me. If you prefer to be more of a bystander within the project, that's okay too.

If I don't meet or exceed my goal by May 18, I will not receive anything - it's all or nothing. If you haven't experienced Kickstarter, here's a screenshot of what it looks like.



And to get you in a Parisian state of of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite musicians who has influenced me ever since I started the Starart book, and especially on the creation of this project.

Horses (Movie)

I've been editing every waking moment for the past two days. There was a lot of photo editing and having to hear myself speak etc. I think the Kickstarter video is done...finally...hopefully the unbiased friend that's checking it out won't have too many notes (crossing fingers).

In the meantime, I don't want to look for any photographs to post so you're getting my 13-second film that needs some views on youtube. It was made with still photographs and a bunch of sound design and music, etc that I added on.

Après la Pluie

Yesterday was a weather day in SoCal. That means it's not just sunny as usual. There was a downpour that caused some brief flooding that was quickly gobbled up by the Los Angeles River. The LA River is not your normal river with a bed of rocks and grassy embankment. It's man-made of concrete.

I've shot a lot of pictures of the river over the years because of the light and shadow opportunities and the rare times it fills up. So, yesterday, after filming a short piece on my phone while walking Pumpkin (you can see that one HERE), I decided to get my 35mm camera and take some other photos.

When I went back to the river I shot it from the other direction and then shot this 15 second video. With thanks to the Photography Gods, I captured the coolest natural special effect followed by an errant tennis ball. Check it out...

And here's a still shot in the opposite direction of a wind-blown palm tree.


Today Is The Day

It's the official launch of my remodeled website (always a work in progress). And my return to the blogosphere after a very long absence. But most important event of the day is...

The World Premiere and Release of my new short film!

Click the photo to see the film.

Click the photo to see the film.

Way too long in the making, the idea for this 2:54min hybrid (aka my short documentary photo essay music video flipbook film) was semi-hatched when I reconnected with musician Chuck E. Weiss after not seeing him since the Troubadour/Tropicana days. He invited me to his show at the Piano Bar in Hollywood. I took some photos and was so inspired by the show and the energy of the crowd that I asked Chuck E. if I could do a photo essay on him. 

Not really knowing what a photo essay was myself, I told him I'd like follow him around for whatever time he could spare and take some candid photographs. He said yes! and invited me to meet up at his place. I spent a few hours documenting a day in the life (you may be surprised) and recording a couple of sound bites along the way for no particular reason. At this point I still had no idea what I was doing with all this but I knew I wanted to bask some more in the aura of Chuck E. Weiss. I took a friend to see him at the Piano Bar so I could turn her on to his brilliance (she was duly turned on) and brought my camera to shoot more photos I thought I might need for whatever this photo essay would become. That included Chuck E. arriving at the venue and some backstage stuff. And for no specific reason I pulled out my iPhone and recorded a song and some random banter. Again, there was no real plan. No script. No outline. No structure. Just my desire to shed some light on this very special person who was always nice to me back in the day when I transplanted from Vancouver to Los Angeles where I knew no one.

Then came the editing phase. I basically tossed all the photos into Final Cut and put a portion of the song on it. This process was without thought or purpose. I was just trying to create a photo essay, still not really knowing what a photo essay was. And in my judgment it was a mess, but I still went ahead and showed it to a few people.  And much to my surprise, they thought it was really cool. (Tip of the day: Make it black and white and people will think it's cool) At that point I decided I owed it to Chuck E. to make something out of this mess...something that would show how amazing he is as a musician and performer, but more important >>> how cool and authentic he is as a human being.

I'm embarrassed by the amount of time that has passed since I started this little personal project - it should have been finished a long time ago. But I also believe that every project has its time and, hopefully, this one is better late than never and it will find an audience and turn some people on to Chuck E. Weiss. Maybe if you are in Los Angeles or going to be there, this little film will entice you to see him play live. It's well worth your effort to experience him on stage. Or maybe you'll want to check out (and buy) his new album Red Beans and Weiss <<great title. It's available on the Tom Waits Official Store (choice of CD or double album vinyl!) and iTunes. It's also streaming, along with an interview at American Songwriter.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post and watch my film.


Please support the arts and artists.

(*special thanks to Aron for kicking my ass)