A Picture Is Worth...

Storytelling in photography doesn't come with description and dialogue - it's created by the eye of the photographer and then again in the eye of the beholder. And each beholder will create their own story because we all see everything in a different way.

I picked this photograph today because there are at least three stories within this image - the two men in the foreground, the couple behind them and finally the lone man leaning on the wall. And then the fourth story would be the relationship (or lack thereof) between the three factions. 

People fascinate me. I love street photography because there are so many stories to be told. It's no wonder that the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words." was coined. 

What story do you see in this photograph?


Do you look for a story when you take a photograph? Or do you just look for a cool shot? Next time you take your camera out make a point of shooting stories. They are everywhere. You just have to be paying attention to the world around you. I promise your photography will improve.