Old and Newer

It's late. So when I was deciding on a topic I saw another of those same date photo things but when I went into the folder and checked the date on the only shot I would share it turned out it was taken on April 21, 2013.

I moved on and came across a photo folder titled "Photography - Old". That's always intriguing. I opened it and found 15 old photographs. I think this one might be one of my earliest photographs taken with a 35mm camera. It was taken on a streetcar in Toronto when I was still in my teens. I don't know if it warrants showing but I do like the girls hands. And even without seeing their faces, there is still a story and inkling of who they might be.


It's uncanny how similar the first photograph I was going to choose is years apart yet in the same vein. I have now chosen to post both. Apparently my style and subject interests are ingrained in my visual soul.