Two photographs I shot three years ago today. It was supposed to be a short trip that turned into living living in New York. Looking back, it seems longer than three years because of all the things I've accomplished and the people I have met and developed into great friendships.

The first building/landmark I saw leaving the terminal...


And the beginning of my obsession with the subway and the people that populate it...


Thank you, New York!

Meet My... favorite photograph.

The wUnderworld, NYC

The wUnderworld, NYC


I shot this on Saturday evening and it is exactly what the shot looked like in camera. I didn't use any filters when shooting and I did nothing to it in the digital darkroom (no motion blur etc). 

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The Platform

One of the best things about New York City is that strangers talk to each other. It's difficult to be alone here because there are people out and about 24/7. And again, people communicate with each other.

I shot this photograph from the moving subway car I was riding on...this was definitely a drive-by shooting. I saw this mismatched group of five people with the mosaic behind them. There's are story here - a mother (with map in hand) and daughter trying to figure how to get to the airport. The woman they're speaking with looks pretty intense and she has strong body language - that may just be the nano-second when I caught her. And then there's the dude on the right having a snooze.


Tomorrow I will be posting something very important. The opposite of this picture in hopes of getting someone some help.

Old and Newer

It's late. So when I was deciding on a topic I saw another of those same date photo things but when I went into the folder and checked the date on the only shot I would share it turned out it was taken on April 21, 2013.

I moved on and came across a photo folder titled "Photography - Old". That's always intriguing. I opened it and found 15 old photographs. I think this one might be one of my earliest photographs taken with a 35mm camera. It was taken on a streetcar in Toronto when I was still in my teens. I don't know if it warrants showing but I do like the girls hands. And even without seeing their faces, there is still a story and inkling of who they might be.


It's uncanny how similar the first photograph I was going to choose is years apart yet in the same vein. I have now chosen to post both. Apparently my style and subject interests are ingrained in my visual soul.