Happy New Year

I made my goal of posting every day of 2015 - actually surpassed it with two per day on a couple or three days. I started this challenge as a way to slow time down, by being aware of every single day. Unfortunately, the year sped by as fast as every other year has since I was a kid. Fortunately, I did get a lot out of it and I intend to continue posting every day of 2016. 

I spent the last week of the year in Palm Desert, with an adventure day shooting in Joshua Tree which is nothing short of good for the soul. Last night (NYE) I thought about what I want for 2016, in addition to flying by too fast. So far, I have these three things:

Listen before I speak.
Be positive.
Get shit done.

I shot this self portrait in Joshua Tree on December 28. It symbolizes and reflects who I am moving forward. Yes, I now have wings and am a superhero.