BW or Color

Sometimes I shoot black and white and sometimes I shoot in color. I love both, so my choice depends on subject, style, etc. Ninety percent of the time I know when I shoot. I often shoot in black and white mode but since I shoot raw the color remains in the file and can be brought up. If you shoot in tiff or jpeg you lose the color information in the file.

Today I was walking around Bushwick to shoot the murals, which is what I planned to post. Then came my conundrum. The first one I picked stymied me on whether it should be color or black and white. I planned color because the mural artist painted it in color but then in post I looked at it in black and white. So for the past half hour I have been going back and and white or color?

You decide.



From the West Coast shores, I've photographically traveled to Manhattan to share some experimental shots with a 16mm lens that was loaned to me by my friend and fellow-photographer Dwayne. Oh, and he also loaned me his D800 for me to take a test run beforer I bought one for myself. 


I think I was shooting this while I was crossing the street. Like all street photography you need to grab shots as you walk by in order to maintain an authenticity with any people that are intentionally in the frame or just happened to be in the frame. In this case, it was the woman leaning against the building. She initially was the reason I wanted to take the picture and I had very little time to capture her maintaining her expression, which I love.

Here's an inset blowup of the girl to show how her face and body language tells her story. I was very happy with what she brings to the photograph.


Old School

I didn't have anything for today. Surprise, surprise...other than the musician birthdays and deathdays I never have anything planned. So, I opened a couple of large manila envelopes that are temporarily holding sheets of slides and black and white negatives. I found a half of a contact sheet and the negs to go with it.

In the color batch I found a bunch more Blue Oyster Cult slides. And the neg sleeve was titled Parks and labeled FEB '77. I immediately had this thought - can someone lend me a year so I can properly archive all of my early works?

I don't know if I remember shooting the parks negs or I just think that after looking at them. Out of the 18 frames there might be six that I would consider printing. However, those decisions can change from year to year or even day to day.

Anyway, I chose this one because the juxtaposition of the foreground couple and the background couple. And the composition. I like that the tree shadow takes your eye from the couple in front directly to the older folks on the bench. I also wonder who the front couple are and what became of them. I expect the trio on the bench have moved on.


This was shot in the park across from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The same park where a certain pop star was arrested in the restroom for lewd behavior.

Carry on.

Parksville, NY

Two years ago today I happened to be at a friend's place in Parksville and since we arrived after dark I had absolutely no idea what was there.  I luckily woke up at 4:45am and glanced out a window. It was still dark but I knew something great was going to happen.

I think this may be the only sunrise I've ever shot. The first photograph was shot around 5am. The second one was probably 5:30 or 5:45am. It was fast. I have a bunch of shots in between and later, just no time or room to put the full sequence together.


My photography tip today is wake yourself up early some morning and take a crack a shooting the sunrise. It's an invigorating experience.


Imagine coming up with something every single day of the year. This is the 222nd consecutive day that I have posted on this blog. Like most posts, I had no idea what to do for today. So I went with the date being 08/09 and looked for any photographs I've shot that are 0809. There were four or five and I ended up picking a couple of shadowy themed shots.


The photo above is an exterior shot of the Lincoln Center in New York, taken last year.

The photo below was taken during a photography workshop I did in Calgary a few years ago.


And I'm throwing in this shadow-centric photo I took yesterday because it's all about the shadow, actually light and shadow, which is an important part of photography. So, this post is also a photography tip...go out and shoot, looking for light and shadow.


Woman Pumpkin Dog

I spent a bunch of time tonight looking for a photograph to post. I was close to posting some graveyard shots (I love graveyards) I took around this time a couple of years ago in Southampton, but then I wasn't feeling it. I then fell into my 'go-to shots', the ones I go to when I am uninspired for anything else. My go-to shots are Pumpkin.

I almost picked a close-up action shot of Pumpkin but then I saw this one...

...which I hadn't paid much attention to when I initially perused the 166 frames I took frolicking at Huntington Beach last November with my Brit friend, Caroline Ferguson. It was a freakishly (because it happened to be 90°) amazing day. 

I love everything about this photograph - from the composition to the lines, the action, the layers of waves, the three live beings and the color...especially the woman's red bathing suit and matching red dog toy. Plus you might not be able to Pumpkin's red collar but it would show beautifully in a large physical print.

This picture also jazzes me up even more, as I anticipate being at this very beach next Wednesday celebrating Pumpkin's birthday!

Girls and Jay

I was very intrigued by this trio when I arrived with my NY friend and musician, Jay Stolar to help him shoot some footage for his next music video. I grabbed this shot while we walked by, doing my best to remain inconspicuous. There are no do-over in this kind of situation. I wanted to capture a moment of time that would represent my initial intrigue so I didn't want them posing. I wanted to tell a story with one frame. I think I caught it. 

I'm calling it Girls Renting Rollerskates at Venice Beach.


I'm adding this bonus shot of Jay Stolar catching tat shop footage because it's his birthday today.