Hollywood or Bust

Last week I had plans to meet up with a visiting friend to hike up Beachwood Canyon so she could see the Hollywood sign. Of course I've seen it a million times but I have never gone up to the top.

And I still haven't.

After trying to meet up with her and failing - I couldn't find them because I lost cell phone connection - I decided to drive up a private road and ended up getting this unexpected view of the sign. The closest I've ever been to it. 

To me, this photograph of the Hollywood sign represents the dreams of the thousands of hopefuls that arrive in Hollywood every year in hopes of 'making it' in the big time. The blue sky with puffy white clouds, the telecommunication tower and dishes, the sun shining on Hollywood, and even a private helicopter floating above. A postcard shot of a summer day in February. 

Here's the fantasy:


Prior to being up there, I had taken some other photos earlier in the day. When I downloaded and saw them all together I noticed the symbolic juxtaposition of the photo above and the photo below...it was as if I had planned to visualize the contrast.

I couldn't resist snapping this drive-by - okay, I was actually stopped at a red light - shot for the irony within the image itself, not realizing it would become the antithesis of the photograph above.

Here's the reality: 


 It's sad how many of the people who come to Hollywood with a dream only to end up living a nightmare. I wish good luck and hard work to all you in following your dreams.

Après la Pluie

Yesterday was a weather day in SoCal. That means it's not just sunny as usual. There was a downpour that caused some brief flooding that was quickly gobbled up by the Los Angeles River. The LA River is not your normal river with a bed of rocks and grassy embankment. It's man-made of concrete.

I've shot a lot of pictures of the river over the years because of the light and shadow opportunities and the rare times it fills up. So, yesterday, after filming a short piece on my phone while walking Pumpkin (you can see that one HERE), I decided to get my 35mm camera and take some other photos.

When I went back to the river I shot it from the other direction and then shot this 15 second video. With thanks to the Photography Gods, I captured the coolest natural special effect followed by an errant tennis ball. Check it out...

And here's a still shot in the opposite direction of a wind-blown palm tree.


Rear Window

I should shut up right now. Before I expose myself.

Too late.

It is a fact that I am curious, or maybe I should say fascinated by people - what makes them tick and how they feel. I am not interested in voyeurism as it is defined in some/most dictionaries but I do love to see how other people live. I like to see inside their homes to see how they live. Creepy, right? But I know that I'm not the only one. There may be a few people that are too busy watching themselves instead of being curious about other people. And I don't spy on them but if the drapes are open I'm looking in.

And very occasionally I will take a photograph in that vein. Here are two that I shot three years ago today in Brooklyn, NY.

This one is pretty tame...


This one is way more Rear Window...


Now you know my dirty little secret. How about you...do you look in people's windows?

How I Feel

After 8pm today, I had to deal with a situation where I might as well have been hitting my head against a brick wall. Not fun.

To put it into a visual this is how I feel now:


I'm hoping I can fix this situation with some people of reason tomorrow (aka wasting several hours of my day).

If I can't, I will be feeling like this:


It will also confirm the adage, 'No good deed goes unpunished'.